Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Trolling For The Ages

Sometimes running a stupid person around in circles for several hours can be more entertaining/relaxing than a good book. 

Warning: Long read and don't have any heavy objects nearby.

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Anonymous said...

And here's what I added:

Just curious
1) How many times per year are firearms used in the US that SAVE lives?

2) In the historical context of the 2nd Amendment being written .... was there ANY gun registration law written? Were any people forced to undergo background checks immediately after the 2nd Amendment written? Were the citizens required to join a militia to own firearms?

All the answers are no. It's not a debate Dylan - that's the history of it.

Old Jarhead said...

My God, that was just hilarious! Thanks for the amusement. Dylan just spews nonsense. I wonder if he is a fan of Guffy's over at the HuffPo?

Archer said...

Epic fisking is epic.

Jerome East said...

He kept saying that the USA and the UK were similar socially but they couldn't really be any further apart and that is where a majority of our crime comes from. We have a segment of our population that looks at prison time as "street cred". Most (can't remember the exact number but around 70-75%) of the violent crime and murder in this country is committed by prior offenders. Over 70% of black males will have felony convictions by the time the turn 21 (per FBI crime statistics). All these things have one thing in common, the gang banger culture that is still alive and well. I'd like to see what the UK numbers would look like if they had to deal with it like we do.

The solution to this is tougher punishment, quit using prison as a day care, make life inside living hell so they don't want to come back. Take the murderers that there is no doubt about guilt and execute them within 15 minutes of the guilty verdict, figure that will do more for our violent crime rate than moreBS gun laws

dustydog said...

The biggest problem in comparing the UK and US is the difference in reporting. Before he removed it, Inspector Gadget's blog went into detail about how much violent crime in the UK went unreported and uninvestigated.

Washington DC routinely misclassifies murders and other violent crimes, to cook their books for tourists. Even comparing states with the FBI data is unreliable.