Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Know Your Place Gun Owners

Back of the bus..... Separate but Equal..... Ghetto's... 5 feet behind.   You know, the usual places 'those kinds of people' should be.  Not around 'reasonable' people.

'Those people' in this case being 'wing nut gun owners' according to MAIGFrom an email sent to anti-gun advocates in Georgia:
We have monitored the gun groups’ blogs and are certain there will be some protesters present. The Sheriff’s Dept and Capitol Police will be keeping us safe, and at other stops where, the “wing nuts” were present, they were fairly passive and knew their place.
Isn't that special?  I wonder if she was also paid using some city's tax dollars?  I also wonder if, in between her calls for armed men to protect her from armed me, if she would tell us exactly where our 'place' is? 

While waiting for that answer, we'll just keep waiting for the bus to eventually show.

More from GSL, Dave Workman and GeorgiaCarry.

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1 comment:

Braden Lynch said...

"...the “wing nuts” were present, they were fairly passive and knew their place."

Was she expecting the gun owners to be shooting up in the air (hat tip to Joe Biden, biggest moron on planet Earth) or to blast the bus with a hail of fire in a wild rage?

Sounds like they were only acting like responsible adult citizens.

Maybe they were worried about some conflict. One idiot gun owner was a jerk, but that is the exception and not the rule.

They seem to feed off of the idea that they are persecuted. However, it's really projection since they are the aggressive ones. It's not really bravery on their part since they decided to pick this fight.

Since they try to strip us of our rights they are the petty tyrants, busy-bodies, elitists, and bigots.