Monday, June 24, 2013

Ignorant and/or Lying

While I know more than the average bear about firearm laws, etc. I am the first one to admit that there are people more knowledgeable than I and that some elements of legislation (especially various 'parliamentary' procedures) baffle the hell out of me. 

But when an organization openly presents information that is completely wrong, the ONLY explanation is that they are deliberately lying or they are really ignorant of the topic.

Case in point.  The anti-gun group 'stopconcealedcarry' which I highlighted yesterday has this as their stated purpose:
We support the current Illinois law which prohibits carrying concealed weapons, and we oppose any change in the law that would allow people to arm themselves in public.

We are committed to educating the public about the dangers of hidden guns.

We seek everyone's help in convincing the legislature to keep our state free from concealed handguns
Here's the thing.  The legislature has no choice but to pass some form of Concealed Carry.  The courts have given them until July 9th to do so, ruling the state ban on carrying to be unconstitutional.  The Chicago-crats don't have enough support to pass a 'No Carry' bill so the option was something in between that and 'Constitutional/FOID' Carry. The only real options they have left is for some sort of absolute backstab by Madigan and Cullerton (through some sort of parliamentary procedure) or pin their hopes on a stay by the Supreme Court. 

Here's a precursor to what IL will look like going over the 'cliff':

 GREEN for go:  The SA has publicly stated that they will not prosecute.
YELLOW for caution:  Local LEOs may not arrest, but if they do, you could be prosecuted.
RED for stop:  Don't even go there.

 So again, the legislature really has nothing to do w/ it anymore.  Unless the SCOTUS completely reverses the 7th's decision there's going to be carry in IL. 

So Ignorant and/or Lying?  Personally I go w/ just plain stupid.

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ISH (Mininerd) said...

Hanlon's Razor reminds us to 'Nnver attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.'

The odds are that all two dozen -- okay, all two -- members of this group know far, far less about firearms law than the average gun-owner. Gun owners, as a group, and concealed carriers as a subset of that group, have excellent incentives to learn the gun laws at a rudimentary level.

No one was ever subject to police harassment, unlawful arrest, and property confiscation for not carrying a weapon.

Ignorance is easy, education is work.

Archer said...

@ ISH (Mininerd):
Bah, their stated "purpose" rings as hollow as the "We regulate cars, we need to regulate guns" arguments.

Anyone who's been through - or even given a passing glance at - the hoops and obstacles to gun ownership knows that's a crock of $#!+, but the meme continues. The ignorance is not just easy; it's institutional. Education will not help those who refuse to see and learn.