Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Witness Slips and Bills in Illinois

More crap bills and amendments are flooding the IL legislature in last ditch efforts to create 'no carry', 'AWB's', mag bans, etc.

Here's the fun part. We always hear about how some exponential amount of people want gun restrictions etc. but when it comes down to actual involvement, those people are nowhere to be found.  Anti-gun rallies rarely get more than a few dozen attendees, message boards (unless they're echo chambers) tend to be pro-gun majorities.  Another example are 'witness slips' in Illinois.

Witness slips are a public record of support or opposition of bills in the Illinois Legislature.  You fill out a form and submit it electronically in most cases.

On the recent Mag Ban, opposition to the bill ran 753 to 8 against. The 8 were two ISP spokesheads, 2 paid anti-gun advocates, two Chicago/Cook County lawyers/lobbyists, and two private citizens.  The 753 were almost all private citizens.

Yet it still passed the (rigged) committee.

Kwama Raoul's 'lost and stolen' bill SB851currently sits at 953-5.  The five are the same two ISP spokesheads, two anti-gun lobbyists and a citizen.  The 953, almost all private citizens. 

The SB1002 crap bill's amend 3 1552-11.  2 ISP talkers, 2 MPAA lawyers and 7 private citizens.

This is normal. 

I fully expect any and all anti-gun bills to make it out of committee because these so called representatives of the people are representing the City of Chicago, not the people.  Outside of badly worded 'polls' and emotional rhetoric after a tragedy, there is no public support for 'gun control'.  This is just one more piece of proof of that and the broken political system.

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