Friday, February 1, 2013

Illinois Gun Numbers

Via IL-Gunlobby:
 As of January 31, 2013, there are 70,218 applications in the backlog for a
FOID card, and the Firearms Services Bureau (FSB) continues to receive a
record level of applications. For the first month of 2013, 61,172
applications were received for processing, which far surpasses the previous
record of 39,394 applications received in March 2012. 
 Tens of thousands of new people are buying firearms.  Now (to paraphrase Uncle) if only those people will contact their legislators, join the NRA, SAF and ISRA we'ld smash any attempts at gun bans.

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1 comment:

TL671 said...

So, where is IL-Gunlobby getting their info? It must be wrong, 'cause you know the brady bunch, coalition to end firearm ownership, and their ilk tell us firearm ownership is on the decline. And it's only the same people who already own firearm, that are building even larger, and more threatening arsenals. So, I would imagine that in the gun control center of the nation, that would be even more so.