Monday, December 3, 2012

The Future of Education: "Examination Day"

In the New Twilight Zone series from the mid-80's, one of the episodes that has always stuck w/ me has been 'Examination Day' where a young boy is judged by the gov't to be too intelligent and is executed.

In France, the Socialist President Hollande is working to bring that to fruition:
President Francois Hollande, the socialist leader swept into office in May, has targeted homework as bestowing an unfair advantage on the rich, and his solution is to eliminate it for all elementary and junior high school students.

This is the goal, to dumb down the populace and make them entirely dependent on a gov't elite that controls every aspect of their lives.  It won't be long before a modern 'Anti-Rightist' movement will be attempted declaring anyone w/ an education that doesn't correspond to official dogma to be an enemy of the state.

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John said...

I remember reading the short story the episode is based upon in an old Playboy.

Wikipedia reports it was published in the Feb '58 issue.

Either it was reprinted in a later issue or I was reading an issue printed about 7 years before I was born!

JD Rush said...

France is living Idiocracy.

Billll said...

Pol Pot did that in Cambodia, condemning anyone with an education or who wore glasses to the onion fields.