Wednesday, September 5, 2012

'Military Style Firepower'?

Anti's like soiling themselves over scary looking guns, so slap a pistol grip onto a shotgun and they think it turns into a fully-automatic anti-tank cannon or something:

Seriously, these people are even more ridiculous that the tactical fanboys. Read the comments, they are true examples of the 'people' that the CSGV thinks will protect you.

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Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

I like it when the forcible citizen disarmament lobby refers to semi-automatic rifles as "military-bred firearms," although it irritates me to think of all the money I've spent buying more guns, when I could have just gotten a couple and had them breed.

Erin Palette said...

Military-style is a meaningless term.

Sigivald said...

It sure is military style! Just like a revolver was, or a common police pistol is.

Which is exactly why it is, as Erin says, meaningless.

Robert Fowler said...

Every gun in existence has military roots. They have no point.

Collectivists Supporting Government Violence.

Robert Fowler said...

While we are on the subject, you should all read this.

Pay particular attention to the highlighted comment by one of the Bradyites. That's some scary stuff, the thing that holocausts are made of.

Motor-T said...

So I commented asking why they so vehemently objected to a 5 shot (4+1) shotgun.

Their response was to delete my comment, and block me from further commenting.
You can tell that your side has won the debate when the other side claps their hands over their ears and goes LA LA LA LA LA LA.

Steven said...

I left a postive comment too - let's see how that goes over.