Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gun Show AAR

I would call it a successful weekend when I leave w/ more stock than I arrived with and still made some decent money.

While it wasn't lines around the block/shoulder to shoulder busy, it was steady from Friday afternoon through Sunday.  Some vendors did better than others.  So pretty normal. Lots of shotguns and AR's. Accessories and reloading were pretty light with a few ammo dealers and three surplus dealers including me. 

Surprisingly little political talk outside of the normal chatter. The occasional wingnut did decide they wanted to talk.  Again normal.  The only odd experience was Friday.  I had two separate guys within an hour of eachother who wanted books like the Anarchist Cookbook, Mein Kampf and the Turner Diaries.  They both seemed excessively 'eager'. Wasn't asked for anything like that the rest of the weekend. So... local loony or plant looking for a 'Wintemute' moment? 

'Chief AJ' of Top Shot fame was there with his 'Tactical' Slingshot bow. 

Next show from this organizer is Dec. 15 & 16.

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1 comment:

Linoge said...

Given the amount of shrieking your average anti-rights cultists do about exactly those books, despite the fact that I cannot recall seeing a single one of them at any gun show I have ever attended, I would tend to wager "plant".