Friday, August 24, 2012

Chicago and New York. 'Nuff Said

2 dead, 8 wounded in New York City.  'Some' of the bystanders were allegedly hit by police crossfire according to early reports.

19 shot in Chicago since last night including victims of a drive by.

Licensing, registration, bans...  All in place.

So obviously MORE gun control is the answer.

Seriously. How mentally disturbed do you have to be to continue to believe that?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting when the police miss and hit innocent bystanders it is a "crossfire" and when it happens in a DGU it is a "felony". Eh?

Old NFO said...

But it's all OUR fault, not theirs... sigh

J said...

And, of course, the pearl clutching pants wetting gungrabbers claim that unhinged gun nuts are far more likely to wound innocent bystanders in an OK Corral style shootout with Glock machine guns using high capacity murder clips because they don't receive the same training that Only Ones do.

Then again, I'm sure Lon Horiuchi approves.