Monday, July 16, 2012

So She's an Idiot

From an article:
Margaret Kary, an 87-year-old from Penney Farms in north Florida, said she thinks the law should be repealed. Kary says getting her 61-year-old daughter to visit Florida has been difficult because of the state’s gun-friendly culture.
 “She’s afraid to come to Florida,” Kary said. “She thinks everyone has a gun in their pocket.” 
 IOW, the daughter has no clue about anything except what she reads in poorly written and biased editorials from her local paper. Unless she lives in Illinois or DC, she comes from a state w/ some form of Carry law and likely a form of 'Stand Your Ground'.  Note they don't mention which state she's from.

And of course the divisions on the Martin thing are racial.  That's been the intent of the reporting from day one, to create as much racial divide and keep it as controversial as possible so the media can sell papers/advertising and Jackson/Sharpton can find another cause to line their pockets.

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JTwig said...

Its been my experience that when a person has a parent near 90, and live in another state and do not visit its for whole other reasons altogether. Of course they also usually don't tell the parent that, instead they usually make up a lame reason for the lack of visiting.