Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Everyone's Got Better Digs Than the CSGV

The GunUp offices are located here:

Photo: The GunUp offices are on the 2nd floor.  Pretty awesome.

Note no frighteningly leaning window AC units or Palm Readers in sight. 

Just another sign the firearms industry is collapsing. 

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Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

Even the Daily Beast is acknowledging the gun ban lobby's financial woes:

"Avoid gun control at all costs became an informal plank in the party platform. With little hope of moving significant gun control through Congress, the gun control movement itself began to struggle. Today, most of the major gun control advocacy groups are struggling to stay afloat. The leader of one West Coast gun control group told me recently that her group was out of money and no new grants were expected. While many Americans support additional limits on access to guns, they don’t put their money or their votes behind that view and, along with the shooting victims, gun control groups may soon be dying out.