Monday, April 23, 2012


Daniel Gross, President of the Brady Campaign, says 'The tide is turning' in his latest Huffpo rant (and a rant it is).  Yeah, it is, but not in the direction he's hoping for.  While the whole Florida Martin/Zimmerman (in reality, an anti-ALEC movement) may be a bump in the road for true 'progressive' firearm rights, one thing they ignore are things like this:

 Yep, that's an AR in .308 for sale at Wal-mart.  Can we say 'in common use" boys and girls? 

While Gross may have been hired for fundraising so the folks at the BC can keep their jobs, this is what 'grassroots' is built on.  Actually having membership (which the NRA, SAF, ISRA etc. do) and not being primarily/exclusively funded by the Joyce Foundation or Soros. This is why 74k people show up at the NRA convention while gun control groups don't have that many members combined.

Yeah, the tide is 'turning', but not in their favor.

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Weer'd Beard said...

I assumed that Helmke was let go because the anti-rights forces didn't see a need to consort with icky Republicans anymore, given that Republican Legislators won't give them the time of day...nor Moderate Democrats or Independents.

I'm surprised to see that Helmke might have been let go because he wasn't batshit crazy enough for the Brady Campaign...

DirtCrashr said...

Whoa! That's like my Buy-It-Now price! Where's my Wal-Mart?

Cargosquid said...

What's really sad is that he and all the anti-rights commenters are getting their butts handed to them on HUFFINGTONPOST, a liberal website.

When you've lost the readers of AOL/'ve just lost.

Sigivald said...

What Dirt said - that's an amazing price for a .308 AR.

I almost suspect it's a mis-labeled .223.

Or the best price ever.

wizardpc said...

I think it's "best price ever."

MSRP on that guy is just north of a grand, so $897 is not out of the question, esp for WalMart.

Roadkill said...

Heh, and I get 10% off on those. One of the few real perks to working for my dark corporate masters. As much as I prefer gas piston guns, seeing all those ARs in the case friggin keeps tempting me.