Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reality Bites

The CSGV and VPC tweeted and posted about a 'debate' on USNews that they posted articles on regarding open carry in OK. That's how I came to read about it as a matter of fact. Several hours later they stopped promoting it as the numbers unsurprisingly went against them.  See, the 'debate' had a up/down support thing on the side. 

After about 48 hours, the average is 362.4 to -360.75.  The average number of 'ups' for the anti's is 13 compared to 371.6 for the pro-rights.The 136 comments currently are near unanimous in support of open carry/firearm rights.

What that says is w/ all their hundreds of thousands of dollars in Joyce Foundation money, paid staff, blogs, facebook, twitter, etc they got their office staffs to vote in favor of their arguments and no-one else.

So no matter what polls they pull out or how they try and disparage 7k+ people marching on the IL State Capitol, this is the reality, something they have difficulty recognizing.  What little support they have is unmotivated beyond clicking 'like' or 'follow' one time whereas pro-rights advocates, unpaid and self-coordinating, ARE active and do everything we can to bring people into the fold. Just like at the NRA meeting where more bloggers were waiting for the 'protest' than protesters who showed up.

And that's how we win. 

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Anonymous said...

So much for the anti-gunners. This used to be a fight, right? I follow a few gun blogs, but yours is really the only one still keeping tabs on CSGV and their ilk. Is it worth asking the question of weather or not we even need to offer rebuttals anymore? Their just so irrelevant. The only viable threat to US gun rights that I can see right now is from Bloomberg and MAIG and even they have to leverage every elitist muscle to force control down people's throats.