Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why Are Gun Control Activists So Violent?

A comment received on Huffpo:
Gun education with live ammo should be taught before potty training. Logo branded holsters with .25 cal automatics for small hands should be seen as a fashion statement in kindergarten. Tasers should be allowed to help kids "tag" each other in playground games. The faster this herd culls itself, the better.
Desiring the violent death of children. Stay classy Anti's.

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Weer'd Beard said...

They know they can't make a reasonable argument for their agenda, so they just hope we just go away.

And if we go away via a "Gun Death" then win-win in their eyes.

Braden Lynch said...

An equally vile retort would be...I hope you enjoy your rape and murder at the hands of an ex-con with no respect for your life or dignity.

Except, I have class and would never say that to them.

Funny how me wanting to stay alive and safe and sound offends them so much.