Friday, August 19, 2011

Why the @CSGV Wants Restrictions

Because they can't control themselves and project those feelings onto others.

In a discussion on Twitter w/ one of their more 'moderate' supporters, one who believes that 'gun control' is about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, regarding the CSGV's double standards to silly political rhetoric, I began to show that the CSGV wasn't interested in 'crime control' but are really just the gun banning fanatics we all know them to be.

Well Ladd (AKA GritsJr) couldn't let the truth come out so he responded w/ his usual attempts at intimidation and character attacks in order to change the subject.

And as usual, when asked to provide any evidence whatsoever of his allegations, he scurried back into his hole.

This is the leadership of gun control in action.

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Braden Lynch said...

Their comments on shooting people within a tyrannical government is very interesting.

No, 99.999% of the law-abiding gun owners are not advocating shooting at the FBI or Census workers, etc.

They think we are all together plotting how to overthrow the government which is the farthest thing from the TRUTH (you know, that little thing they have no understanding of).

They, however, cannot think of a scenario where the government is illegitimate. They love the BIG government running their lives. The Founding Fathers recognized in the Second Amendment our right to self-defense and also protection for the means to halt depradations of despotic governments. Exactly how, and why, do they think that we rebelled against the English monarchy? They are so historically ignorant that their high school history teachers should be flogged.

If our government decides in the future to outlaw my religion or political party or ethnic group, or whatever, and try to send me and my group to the concentration camps, then I can see that as the time to start shooting at them.

Such an extreme situation and the response remains highly unlikely, so long as we have the firearms to discourage it.

Linoge said...

Huh. I had wondered how long it would take Ladd Everitt to slip back into his old habits of attempted intimidation, bullying, and abuse.

This is actually far longer than I ever would have guessed.

I still remain at something of a loss why they think reposting our carbon identities gives them so much power over us... I rather thought we made it clear last time around that such idiocy is not going to slow us down, but everyone knows what the colloquial definition of "insanty" is...