Saturday, June 18, 2011

Collective Myths

Dave Hardy's latest article presents more evidence that the belief of the 'Collective Rights' myth of the 2A is a recent invention used to promote gun control:
To an early 21st century observer, it might seem that the militia-uses-only
view of the Second Amendment had always been predominant, and the Heller and
McDonald involved dramatic legal change. In full historical context, however, it
becomes apparent that those decisions recognize the individual rights understanding that had prevailed from the Framing onward. The militia-uses-only approach rejected in Heller and McDonald was in fact a very recent creation of the lower Federal courts, which had been subject to scholarly challenge almost from its
And unlike the gun control lobby, this historical research hasn't been funded by advocacy groups pushing a pre-determined conclusion.

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1 comment:

Chas said...

Markie Marxist sez: "The militia argument is history, but we commies are still nostalgic about it. Sometimes I still hear some of my commie compadres muttering pointlessly about it as if it still existed, but sadly, it's gone. The Supreme Court killed it with their individual rights interpretation. Still, maybe we can resurrect it with a new Supreme Court packed with Obama second term appointees! Then all your right to keep and bear arms will belong to us! And then we can use the elimination of the individual right to send private gun owners to the gulag, like we did before! Oh, but we are still doing that aren't we? Gun possession is still a crime! Ha! Ha! We're still sending private gun owners to the gulag! Isn't it odd that people with an individual right to keep and bear arms still go to prison for gun possession? Funny how that works out for us! Ha! Ha! It's like we commies are running the country, and everything goes the way we want, regardless of the US Constitution! Ha! Ha!"