Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why are Gun Control Advocates so violent?

45Superman points to another 'tolerant' gun control advocate who wishes firearm owners would kill themselves.

And what's truly ironic is this 'Lefty' w/ over 1750 followers has this as her description:
Extreme Liberal! lefties care about life, righties care about money.
Blow up the picture for another bit of irony on her background.
STOP Bullying Homophobia Hate Violence
While this individual, and by extension those who follow her, are the poster children for Hate, Violence, and Intolerance. It's OK though because it's directed at those she considers not "Extreme Liberal! lefties". Everyone else can go to the camps.

Another victim of projection.

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Dannytheman said...

Ignorance personified!!

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

I also cracked up when she got so unhinged she attacked someone who was on her side, because she was too pissed off to notice that the person was supporting her.

Chas said...

Some homicidal people have just enough sense to stay away from guns because they know they'd up and shoot someone and then get sent to prison for it.
Boy, do such people support gun control! They resent people who can control themselves.