Thursday, May 19, 2011

Traitors and Insurrectionists. Every Last One

The CSGV states:
The only reason someone would "need" a semiauto assault rifle is to go to war w/ our gov't.
You wouldn't need a combat rifle for any purpose other than to kill law enforcement or military, and that's the point.

From the NSSF:
Nearly half (44 percent) of MSR owners are current or former military or law enforcement members.
So half of the owners of Semi-auto's want to kill their former comrades and overthrow the Gov't?


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Joe said...

So I asked politely on CSVG's Facebook page if they were going to call for investigations for ATF's kerfuffle with Fast and the Furious.

They deleted it, but at least one other person saw it.

I wept.

Weer'd Beard said...

Count me as 1 more! Good work!

Thirdpower said...

I saw it as well. As much they squealed "We want to talk", when it comes down to actually talking, they call Cameron Grey a 'whore' and delete any comments that disputes their dogma.

Weer'd Beard said...



That chant has some serious Irony Legs!

Chas said...

"The only reason someone would "need" a semiauto assault rifle is to go to war w/ our gov't."

Markie Marxist sez: "Of course! When we have the government round up gun owners to sent them to the gulag, we certainly don't gun owners going to war against the government. It's just not common communist sense to allow them to be able to resist us."