Thursday, March 31, 2011


Concerning the faux Oregon gunsmith who states the following:

"Regarding Mayor Adams' proposals for gun control, I must add my perspective. As a former Army officer, gunsmith, member of the NRA and a competitive marksman, I see no reason why citizens, other than law enforcement, should have free access to armor-piercing rounds, military or automatic weapons, extended clips or undocumented purchases at gun shows."

An anonymous commenter over on japete's blog sums up the anti's belief that the ends justify the means:

"It doesn't matter that the author lied about his background because he speaks the truth when it comes to gun violence."

The comment thread has some other good nuggets as well...

1. Japete has a friend who is a gun smith and doesn't have an FFL and doesn't need one.
2. Then she back peddles and says her friend is not a gunsmith, but a gun manufacturer of muzzle-loaders and doesn't have an FFL.
3. Then she says that her friend sells his guns and doesn't need an FFL.
4. Then she says the ATF requires anyone selling guns to have an FFL.

Except her friend because he does this privately at a local gun store who calls in the NICS.


This is most likely who she's referring to, who is making guns and selling them as a business.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm no expert on laws pertaining to buying and selling homemade guns, but japete still can't avoid directly contracting herself and then not even be able to see that she's contradicting herself.

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tkdkerry said...

You'd think japete would get boring, but no... it's like watching a spectacular never-ending train wreck.

Weer'd Beard said...

Black Powder Guns aren't guns per ATF rules. Anybody can make one, and you can sell and buy it no differently than a home-made knife, tool, or T-Shirt.

I'm pretty sure an FFL would have nothing to do with him, as it would be like my buddy who's a knife maker taking me into the local FFL to run a NICS on me before he sells me a new carving knife.
She makes her reality as she goes along....and I won't lie, its going to be hard to boycott her site for all of this week.

Chas said...

It seems that this muzzleloader maker advocates gun control policies designed to put his competitors who make modern guns out of business, so his anti-gun politics work to steer customers to his business. How conveniently self-serving.
I really don't like self-righteous gun owners with a holier-than-thou attitude who want to use a trumped-up, conceited reason to explain how they are morally superior to their fellow gun owners. We all need to stick together, or we all lose our gun rights, and we’ve lost too many of them already.