Wednesday, March 9, 2011

IGOLD 2011 Tomorrow

Tomorrow thousands of firearm owners from across the state are going to join together in Springfield, Illinois, the state capitol, to demand from our legislators our right to protect ourselves. For years, they've ignored us. Several times they've acted like complete cowards, killing a bill we wanted and then literally running out the back doors as we marched up the street.

This year CCW and multiple other pro-rights bills are showing momentum on the floors. And again we're going to swarm the capitol buildings, telling them what we think. What we demand.

And it's past time they started listening.

If you can't be there. Make your calls. Send your letters and e-mails. Hit the ranges and shops and support them. Tell your friends. Sign someone up for the ISRA, NRA, SAF or whatever group you prefer. Take a friend to go shooting. All of this together and we will succeed. We have the numbers. We have the will and we have the drive.

The anti-gun groups don't even try to counter-protest because they can't garner even a fraction of the numbers we can. The best they can do is home the 'Authorized Journalists' ignore us but we don't really need them anymore as their media slowly decays.

I'll be live blogging the event and the ISRA will be publishing updates on Facebook and their Twitter feed.

Join us w/ our rallying cry. CONCEALED CARRY NOW!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the concealed carry bill they are attempting to pass is crap. Why should a person with a FOID be required to beg for permission to carry concealed from the sheriff? Will he/she have unbridled discretion to select only the elite and politically connected, like friends and relatives?

In addition, Chicago Democrats are attempting to pass an assault weapons ban similar to Comrade Clinton's ban. The City of Chicago should form succeed and form its own socialist enclave.

Dannytheman said...

Go get em, good luck from Pennsylvania!

Don said...

Anonymous, if you truly prefer the status quo--complete prohibition, no open carry, no concealed carry, your right to bear arms completely denied--I confess I don't understand why. However, you are certainly free not to apply for a permit if that's what your principles require.

I will certainly be happy to have the discussion about why a no-permit constitutional system is better, but I plan to have that argument with my permit in my pocket and my pistol in its holster.

Are you upset about Arizona, Alaska and Wyoming moving to a constitutional-carry, no-permit system? All three, after all, spent at least a decade requiring permits on the way to that system. Quite frankly, if you can pass constitutional carry in Illinois, I invite you to do so and I will be happy to celebrate you in public. If you can't, then you're really comparing apples and vacuum to complain that your unattainable ideal should take the place of an attainable good.

Stephen said...

Good luck Ilinoisians!

Weer'd Beard said...

+1 Don

Yeah constitutional carry is the end-game, but one can't ignore the uninvolved voting block as well as those actively hostile to our rights.

I would love to exercise my rights here in Massachusetts the same way we do in neighboring Vermont, but things have been hostile for too long to expect everything to resolve in one single bill.

Here we're trying to get rid of our may-issue permitting system, as well as our graded permit system, and having simply one permit across the board that is issued by the local police, but not subject to arbitrary restriction.

Its still unconstitutional as it requires use to get permission and pay taxes to exercise our rights, but a single permit issued to all who qualify with one restriction that simply has to do with birth date (if you are 18-20 your permit is to buy and own long arms, and as soon as you turn 21 you can buy, own, and carry handguns).

Also getting rid of the may-issue will suddenly make open carry "legal" here.

Of course open carry IS legal, but the Police chief can (and do) use reports of open carry as a reason to deny permits on grounds of "Bad Judgment", which not only means you can no longer carry in the state, but also your right to OWN guns.

Only after we clear this hurdle can we seek more reasonable laws...and only after that can we talk constitutional carry.

Anonymous said...

Dear Don,

I apologize for calling the bill crap. I realize many think it progress, but I am certain it is much of an improvement.

No, Don, just because I disapprove of the bill does not mean I approve of the status quo.

No, I probably will not submit to another background check, my finger prints taken and kissing up to the local sheriff. I already have a FOID. Soon every crackpot in the nation will know that. Perhaps , to ensure government is doing its job, a list of all concealed carry permit holders can then be released to the media and listed in the local newspaper. Kind of defeats the concealed carry concept doesn’t it?

I do not remember mentioning Arizona, Alaska or Wyoming? I do remember mentioning Chicago and an “assault weapons” ban. Should I approve of that just to pass a concealed carry law? One step forward two steps back is not progress to me.

No, Don, I do not think a concealed carry weapons law will pass in this state. I am sorry for not being able to share your enthusiasm and your version of "idealism". The concept goes much deeper than just being able to carry concealed.


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