Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The Coalition to Stop Gun Ownership (CSGV) has put up a petition to have Rep. Young (R-AK) to 're-swear his oath to the COTUS' because he signed a letter saying that he will actively oppose unconstitutional measures by the federal Gov't.

The CSGV is the same organization that believes speaking out against gov't abuse should be grounds to be tried for treason.

The same organization that believes the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights is 'Nonsense'.

The same organization that advocates warrantless inspections of homes (ie safe storage) and the confiscation of private property in an 'emergency'.

The same organization that supports the elimination of due process through the secret gov't lists of 'terrorists'. Stripping those on it of their rights.

Which Constitution are they reading?

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Bob S. said...

Don't forget that the CSGV described a planned beating and robbery attempt as "something that should have been a fist fight".

Yep, they complained that a man outnumber two to one, struck hard enough to make his vision blurry shouldn't have fired a handgun at his attacker.

Coalition to Help Criminals Work Safer strikes again.

Old Jarhead said...

Interesting that the CSGV condemns Rep. Young, but never bothers to point out exactly where in that letter the insurrectionist language they object to. This is more of their policy of condemnation of a conservative politician through any means possible. After reading a transcript of the letter the CSGV condemns so heartily, it seem as if it is nothing more than a rewording, in modern language, of the Declaration of Independence. Odd that the CSGV thinks the DoI is an "insurrectionist" document! Have these mokes at the CSGV ever met a tyrant they didn't admire?

Anonymous said...

I've said it before, but it bears repeating. Those cretins don't have any respect for the Second Amendment; what in blazes makes anyone think they'd have any respect for the First?

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

Hey--look, Third: now we're "Insurrectionist militias"