Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Dead Have Voted in Chicago

Now it's time for the recounts.

Kirk(R) took the Senate. Even though he's a putz it will give Durbin (D) headaches so that's a plus.

The Governor's race, however, is going to be an issue. There's less than 10,000 votes difference w/ Quinn(D) leading Brady (R) and 99% reporting. We could be waiting a while since thousands of military votes were illegally mailed out late in about 25 IL counties (still wondering where the MSM was on that story) along w/ scrutiny since there's already been reports of instances of ballots disappearing and machines breaking down.

Enter the lawyers.

Update: From the GOP Gov. candidate campaign. That Brady:

Our campaign continues to wait for the results from local election officials....

...In addition to the ballots cast in the precincts, absentee and military ballots remain to be counted.

This is going to be awhile.

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Epsilon Given said...

I was going to say, "Shouldn't it be 'Enter the lawyers, stage left'?" but then I realized that lawyers tend to descend on things like this in swarms.

Matt L. said...

Eh, Missouri elected a dead guy in 2000, I believe. I look at it this way: how many dead people have "voted" in elections before? They need a little representation.

Anonymous said...

Are the missing military ballots enough that they would lose a representative in reapportionment under the 14th amendment?

I bet they'll find them fast if that's the case...