Saturday, October 16, 2010

Disenfrachising the Military

Dozens of counties across the US are in violation of the MOVE act, put into place due to locals not counting or sending out absentee ballots to the military. Apparently that didn't change things.

Several New York counties including the five boroughs of New York City were found to be in violation of the deadline after the state was permitted by the Defense Department to move its deadline to Oct. 1 because the state's primary day was four days before the deadline.

The Justice Department settled a case with New Mexico Tuesday where six counties failed to mail ballots by the deadline.

And now in Illinois:

I can report that Illinois has at least 25 counties which failed to mail military ballots in compliance with federal law.

We all know that had something like this occurred two years ago, the MSM would be screaming 'VOTER FRAUD' and demanding heads.

Where are they now? I guess it's just not news that's fit to print.

And again, since I choose to differ radically from mass media products, that makes me a 'domestic extremist'.

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Old Jarhead said...

This is nothing new. In the 70's, I made a habit, if possible, to either have my Dad go to the courthouse, where he was allowed to get my absentee ballot at that time, and mail it to me to fill out, or I would insure that I was on leave during elections. If I requested by mail and DID NOT have my Dad get it for me, I never would have received it. I think that the Dems in power now just want to make even more difficult for military personnel, as they know they tend to vote majority Repub.