Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2 major victories you'll never hear about.

Lotsa human type bipeds have been crowing about Heller and McDonald lately, and rightly so. It's always easy to harvest the low hanging fruit as blog fodder.

But when one has established their deified identity as "the bastard who scoops uncle," I guess I shouldn't gloat too much in the latest demonstration of my obvious superiority.

Big shoes? Cited references from credible sources?

Oh yeah baby, let's go there.

Illinois and Wisconsin now allow the concealed carry of firearms without any form of permit. Yep, Illinois and Wisconsin are now in line with Vermont, Alaska and Arizona.

" Two states, Wisconsin and Illinois, do not require a permit to carry concealed handguns in public while two states forbid the carrying of concealed handguns."

Didn't hear this news from any other gun bloggers before me???

That's because I am Wile E. Coyote.........super genius.

My source's credibility is beyond reproach.

Yeah baby, it's the Brady Campaign...

That should bring you to an "overview." Then read the section for "urgency."

I shall now flog my self for being so awesome.


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Anonymous said...

Ha! Glad I don't go to the Brady Bunch for information about where one can legally carry (or any other kind of information, really).

Hey--check this out. If you sign up to receive the Brady Bunch's "alerts," you can count on your mailbox frequently being polluted with mail from them begging for money, with a postage-paid return envelope included.

Let's have fun! Put a note in the envelope, with a well thought-out description of what you think of that organization and its agenda, and then tape the envelope to a box with some dead weight in it (nothing that could constitute a biohazard, or would otherwise be illegal to mail).

I was much less ambitious than the folks in the link. I kept the total weight just under 16 oz. (no brick, obviously), so I could just leave the box in the drop box outside the Post Office, rather than going to the counter. Bulk mailing rates are something like 20 or 22 cents per oz., so costing them a few dollars per donation request could really hurt them, if even just a few thousand of us do it. Don't put anything on the envelope or box that identifies you--you don't want the Brady Bunch to stop sending you donation requests--we wanna keep this going.

The Brady Bunch is already so strapped for cash that enough of us might even bankrupt the dirtbags entirely.

Ah--such a happy thought!