Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gun Control Is An Easy Gig

We all know that Josh Sugarmann rakes in the cash from the Joyce Foundation so he can sit and do Google searches all day but he's not the only one.

Some may remember a post I did awhile back about former IL General Assembly member Kathy Ryg. Endorsed by gun control groups. No clue what she was talking about. Fairly typical of your average PuSH'er. Well after she left the GA she went to work for an organization called 'Voices for Illinois Children'. Looking at their website it's hard to say what they do to help children exactly but they do receive funding.

From the Joyce Foundation.

I'm sure this is a legit group but one really has to wonder at their effectiveness if they're putting individuals who support agendas they have no knowledge of whatsoever in positions of leadership.

Either way, I would bet that Ryg is still pushing gun control as an issue while receiving a Joyce paycheck.

HT to Illinois Carry.

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