Thursday, July 22, 2010

Idiot Newspapers Suing Blogs

The 'big' news today is the lawyers for the Las Vegas Review Journal suing dozens of online sites for linking to them and using excepts of their articles.

So in a slowly dying media, they're trying to stop free advertising of their product? What do they think generates traffic to their online site and hence generates advertising revenue? Not like they're ever going to make up in settlements what they spend in legal fees like when the record industry went after pre-teen girls who downloaded Britney Spears songs.


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Militant Libertarian said...

Funny since that is the paper that Vin Suprenowicz writes for and he is likely the most cut-and-pasted writer they have.

So is the LVRJ going to sue for using Vin's stuff?

I would expect this from a dying dinosaur like the NYT or LA Times. Of course, all of Las Vegas is a dying dinosaur now, so maybe the Review Journal is just feeling the death throes faster than the rest.

Weer'd Beard said...

I can't see how they'll win this case...I can see how they're going to loose hard.

The sad thing is, as much as I hear about this being a shitty paper (Then again is there another kind) my ONLY experiences of reading it were having useful articles pointed my way by bloggers.

So their reporting was useful to me...but only in the way they don't want allowed.

If they win their paper will be CRUSHED down to readership in the local area and possibly quoted by bloggers but without attribution (which is plagiarism, but also VERY hard to track down for suit when you think of the scale we're dealing with)

if they loose, I can only assume such a suit has come up because their financially failing, and this very well might close their doors, putting reporters who could be reporting more useful stories on the unemployment lines, and blacking out a news source.

REALLY stupid, because the way I see it we're all gonna loose.