Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Weekend in Chicago

While the CPD is reporting robberies are down nearly 14% and all other crimes except murder are also down, three police officers have been murdered in the last few weeks during what are claimed to be 'robberies gone bad' and there are dozens of shootings every weekend.

I'm thinking this is more than a coincidence especially since at least one of them were in uniform. I'm thinking these are ambushes like the situation in LA(?) where cars were being attacked and in one case gas pumped into a building.

And here's the real irony in regards to Daley's attempt to keep the public at the mercy of what Superintendent Jody 'J-Fled' Weis's statements about them not being able to stop violent criminals:
shot to death this morning in an apparent robbery attempt after finishing a shift guarding the mayor's home,

Does anything else need to be said about Daley's priorities?

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1 comment:

Sendarius said...

How sad is it that my first assumption was that the officers were the perpetrators of the robberies?

I was even about to take you to task for saying they were "murdered", when it was clearly self-defence if they were shot while committing a robbery.