Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paul Helmke may be right (for once)

He goes on and on about Palin and the lack of the current administration to live up to its campaign promises on banning guns. He may be right.

After Mexican president Calderon again blamed the US for the collapsing condition of his own country, O sidestepped the issue:

Not only will the White House not make good on candidate Obama's promise to revive the ban or Holder's announced decision to do so, it won't even talk about the assault weapons ban. Not a word. The reason is obvious: Obama and his aides don't want to spark a backlash from the NRA and voters who cling to their guns—especially as Democrats ride toward a difficult mid-term election. On this dicey topic, Obama cares most about ducking a political bullet.

Kind of shows where the political wind is blowing, doesn't it? Especially after the Brady Bunch flexed all their political muscle by assigning him an 'F'.

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Unorganized Militia Gear

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