Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Only a few....

That's what we've been told about the heavy weapons used by Mexican drug cartels. They only have a 'few' grenades, RPG's, etc. Some idiots even argue that real assault rifles are to expensive for the Cartels to purchase.
Four months later, police discovered a training camp for the Zetas, one of Mexico's fiercest gangs, a few miles south of the Mexican border in Ixtcan. They also found 500 grenades and thousands of bullets believed stolen from the Guatemalan army

500 grenades in one camp. Stolen from the military. Odds are good those weren't the only items taken.

Yet anti-rights activists like Paul Helmke, Josh Sugarmann, and Bryan Miller are more concerned w/ semi-auto's and revolvers that they get from the US. They think giving MORE money, equipment and guns to the very gov'ts that the Cartels are getting their weapons from is a peachy-keen idea.

It's all those damn gun shows again.


Molon Labe said...

By the obvious desperation, I'm guessing that the Joyce Foundation has given "our friends" an ultimatum; "produce results or remove yourself from the teat."

Anonymous said...

part of the problem is that anti-gunners actually think those grenades could have come from US gun shows. they have absolutely no concept of what we have to go through to get a regular gun, and to explain to them how to get a class III or a DD (like these grenades) would be like explaining the apollo moon program to my dog.

DirtCrashr said...

Another part of the problem is that anti-gunners make no distinction between lawful and unlawful actions. Whether the grenades were stolen or taken by force makes no difference to the simple existence of "grenades" or guns as a function of their existential reality.

Wolfman George said...

Here is an interesting part of the illegal guns to Mexican Drug Cartels that the MSM in patently ignoring!


Anonymous said...

What needs to be done is to take the virulent anti-gunner by the hand to a gun show, and demand of him/her/it, "Look in EVERY corner & find for me, for sale, a grenade or RPG." And show them pictures so that they will know what to look for (remember KISS). And walk 3 steps behind them, pointing out all the little corners they missed looking into. That way, when they don't find anything of what they are looking for, the excuse can't be used, "Well, I didn't look everywhere, so those mean nasty weapons might have been hiding in plain sight where I didn't look."

B Woodman

Old Grouch said...

@B Woodman,
Unfortunately, you're assuming good faith (on the part of the anti-gunners. In most cases, I'm no longer prepared to do so.

Anonymous said...

Old Grouch,
Good Faith, be damned! Another reason you're walking three steps behind is so that you can document, if not outright videotape, everything.

"Trust, but verify."

B Woodman

Allen Tanner said...

I'm willing to believe the rank-and-file gun banners are clueless about the procedures.

but the guys in charge? they sure as hell know what it takes. and they don't care.they know someone scared half to death will vote for "safety" any day of the week, even if it turns out later to be false safety.

I bet all the rabbits in the world would vote to de-fang and claw all the predators too if someone convinced them it could be done. of course, we all know that the predators won't sit still for that, and the rabbits won't be any safer. but rabbits are easy to scare into doing things.