Monday, June 15, 2009

Gun Control Laws in Action

JACKSON, Miss. -- Seven of 11 pistols stolen from a police department in the Mississippi Delta have been recovered in Chicago, federal prosecutors said Wednesday in court papers.

How many Federal, State, and Local laws were violated?

  • Stolen (Charge of receiving stolen firearm)
  • No FFL transfer over interstate lines (Federal law)
  • No FOID (state law)
  • No waiting / cooling off period observed (State law)
  • Pistol in Chicago (Chicago law)
  • Firearm in Chicago not registered with CPD on a yearly basis as legally required. (Chicago law)
  • Magazine capacity over 10 rounds (Cook county and Chicago law)
  • Background check as required by FOID act? (State law)
  • Any gun safety locks? (State law)
  • Possession of a firearm by a Felon
  • Machine guns against the law to possess in the State of Illinois
And in a similar case:

Thieves broke into five U.S. Forest Service Police vehicles as the officers slept at an Albuquerque hotel, taking off with several high-powered rifles, laptops and radios.
So by the logic of Mayors Bloomburg and Daley, this is clear evidence that requirements for firearm possession are not strict enough on law enforcement and need to be strengthened immediately. I'm sure just one more 'common-sense' and 'reasonable' law would have stopped these incidents in their tracks.


H/T to Illinois Carry.

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Yas said...

forgot that by not registering the firearm in Chicago, the city failed to pick up its annual registration fee also.....
So does that equate to city tax evasion?