Monday, July 14, 2008

What happens when you forget to remove the Boresight?



Anonymous said...

This photo was taken by a buddy of mine. How about a little linky love for him?

Anonymous said...

I'm simply amazed at the symmetry of the damage. Makes me wonder if the barrel was fluted and tore along the weak points.

On the other hand, this could simply be an ingenious new design feature which allows easy access to the bore for a good solid deep cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this is what happens when you use a boresighter and then forget to take it out. :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, Jeffersonian doesn't go anywhere without his digital camera! I was at the shooting bench to the left of this guy when his gun went boom, and not in the good way! Scared all of us real good!

Here's a more direct link to the incident.

Bill said...

When a young trooper in an tank regiment, it was betting time when we went to the ranges. The bet was to correctly pick the first squadron to blow its very expensive boresight downrange.

The boresight was for 105mm gun mounted on the Centurion tank of the day. Proving the device required an APDS round fired at a target exactly 1000 metres down range. The crew was supposed to remove the boresight before firing but eventually a tank crew would forget. Barrels never split, but the boresight was rendered instantly to a mist of powdered glass and metal mixed with the bright signature flame of APDS rounds. Much hooting and snorting of shame followed the humiliated crew.