Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Oakland is drowning in guns

Consider the 127 people who were murdered in Oakland last year and one similarity leaps out: All but 20 were shot to death.

It's hardly any secret to any of us who live in the city that Oakland is drowning in guns.

String of shootings in New York City leave 8 hurt

NEW YORK - A string of shootings in a New York City neighborhood sent eight people, including half a dozen teenagers, to nearby hospitals with gunshot wounds, police said Tuesday.

Another Bloody Night In Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) ― The Memorial Day weekend ended with an eruption of violence in the city overnight, after a rash of shootings on the South Side.

How could this be happening in three of the top ten Brady States, I ask you?

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Anonymous said...

I think population density makes people crazy.

There was a study done years ago where they had about 10 mice in a large cage. They added 10 more mice and doubled the food and water allotment. Then added 10 more mice, again increasing food/water purportionately. Can't remember what the final number was but at a certain point the mice just went crazy and started cannabilizing each other. They had plenty of food, they just went nuts.