Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Debating Trolls.

W/ the recent banning of JadeTroll over at Tom's site and numerous threads on TOS's, Jade's, and Uncles, the subject of bothering w/ trolls has come up. I can see both sides of the issue. Debating w/ them takes up time and energy better spent elsewhere and they can completely derail a post w/ their nonsense. On the other hand, letting them post lets us not only pick apart thier arguments but presents our side in a more reasonable light to the "fence sitters" who may be reading.

For the most part, I'm under the impression of "each-to-his-own" but lean towards the "let them post" side. As in the link to TOS's thread below, none of us were actually trying to convince Jade, but to present factual information. I learned quite a bit and added some useful reference materials to my resource library. BTW, Thanks for those CC.

I've said that letting the trolls post does us more good than a half-dozen blogs. The information I gleamed from these threads will further the cause of 2A rights as well as providing even more examples to the "logic" of the Anti's.


Sebastian said...

Hey, I'm not The Other Sebastian, he is

Thirdpower said...

I met him first.

Kevin said...

I'll let them post, provided they're not nuts.

Jadetroll is nuts.