Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Not Going Well For SpringField Arms and Rock River Armory

Even after their press releases, it just keeps on getting uglier.  Turns out their lobbying firm\lobbyist (of which they are the sole members) have been giving campaign donations to hardcore anti-gunners in this state including Cullerton and Madigan.

Some of those funds went to support other anti-gun politicians in their campaigns against pro-rights contenders.
For those of you who don't know who I am, my name is Arie Friedman. I'm the Friedman from the Friedman vs Highland Park assault weapons ban court case that ultimately got rejected for appeal by the Supreme Court. Additionally, I ran for Illinois State Senate (29th District) in 2012 as a pro-2nd Amendment candidate against now State Senator Julie Morrison who is an adamant gun grabber. 2012 was not a good year for Republicans in Illinois but I raised a large amount of money, campaigned non-stop and came closer to winning than many other highly competitive GOP candidates that year. My opponent, on the other hand, had difficulty raising money and was an extremely lackluster campaigner. As a result, she received numerous large infusions of cash directly from democrat State Senate President John Cullerton. Without that money, I believe she would possibly have lost the election. Now it turns out that some of that democrat campaign slush fund cash came from Springfield Arms and Rock River Armory via their lobbying arm, the Illinois Firearm Manufacturers Association:
About the only thing SA and RRA can do at this point to save face is to cut all ties w/ the IFMA or can the lobbyist immediately.

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Miguel GFZ said...

Short of getting the lobyists against a wall and playing body tag with a 22LR, the only other thing I see them doing is suing the shit out of them.

Anonymous said...

They can't really disavow the IMFA because they ARE the IMFA. As far as I can tell there's 3 parties here. SA, RRA and Keller. They funded 50 grand and he (Keller) has proceeded to dole that money out in pieces to various politicians. I have a REALLY tough time believing RRA and SA did not know what he was doing.

Thirdpower said...

Latest release by RRA is they are cutting ties w/ the IMFA. See above.