Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Gun Control Laundering Scam

We hear from time to time “Wayne La’pierre makes a million kajillion dollars off of the death machine gun manufacturers”.  Of course it’s a fact that the NRA receives less than 15% of its hundreds of millions in resources from ‘gun manufacturers’ and those manufacturers themselves are supported by firearm owners throughout the nation.  The NRA also has 4-5 million dues paying members.  LaPierre makes a bit under $1m.
Now let’s take a look at some of the anti-gun group’s compensation packages.  Note that most of these are shoe-box operations run out of tiny offices the size of my den or PO boxes. Most are  heavily, if not primarily, funded by Bloomberg, the Joyce Foundation, and/or Soros.

The classic ‘Violence Policy Center’, Josh Sugarmann and Kristen Rand: $300k/year

Ceasefire PA, Shira Goodman :$$100,575
Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV): Josh Horwitz: $125,000

Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, Colleen Daley: $110,750

MomsRising Education Fund
Kristin Roowe-Finkbeiner (president) $154,000
Julie Hanamura (treasurer): $115,000

Brady Campaign:
Dan Gross; $400,000
The 8 other execs rake in nearly $950,000 combined, not including what Sarah Brady was getting (another $100k+)

Now in comparison, let’s take a look at a couple of pro-rights groups:
Illinois State Rifle Assoc: Richard Pearson ; $87,000 (an organization w/ 15-20,000 actual members and multiple facilities.)
Virginia Citizens Defense League, Phillip Van Cleave ; $61,800
Second Amendment Foundation (funds similar to Brady Campaign)
Joe Tartaro; $28,471
Alan Gottlieb; $43, 602

The anti-groups spend on average roughly 1/3 to 1/2 of their income on Exec salaries alone.  What a racket.

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Anonymous said...


Mention the entire Board of Directors of the Arizona Citizens Defense League.

5 Members, total salaries of all, $0.00.

I should know, I am the Secretary.

Tom W