Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ancient Dread: Volcano Descent


We sleep in one of the nicer apartments to heal up and let the spell casters rest. Awaking, we all feel not at ease. We decide to investigate the other large room to the SW. A door, carved w/ typical dwarven reliefs was very warm is on the far side of the hallway, same as the level above. We move to the next one to find it is locked. A few minutes fixes that. Ackdor pushes the door open. The area is quartered and filled w/ old boxes. The northern room is a dining hall. Outside of two dwarven statues reading as a presence, there’s nothing of any interest. We move down to the next level below us. 

The first thing we notice is that it’s definitely longer. There are 4 hot marble doors instead of three. A warehouse. Then a stuck door. Our curiosity is peaked. We move to the other side. I jam the lock. Another shop is armor which Rod needs. A bucket is filled with rings of a lightweight metal. Rod states that the mail is magical. We mark it for later and find her a suit of Dwarven chain that would work as a half-suit. Another room is bolted. Malina raises the dead to unbolt and a frightening Dwarf face launches out and yells to “GET OUT!”. The door unbolted and a group of undead dwarf skeletons come out. After striking me, Echo shatters it with a single blow. Other skeletons opened the other doors and began coming towards us. They were quickly dispatched. The room was filled with ancient coins. Avoiding a trap in the gem room, we find a box full of gems. We take those. Another room is a jeweler. Two boxes revealed a small bag of raw Mithril and a selection of 20 rings. One of which magical. I don’t like it whatever it is. A vision showed dark magic and a forge behind the large marble doors. A voice entices us to go down to the lower levels. We begin our descent.

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