Saturday, November 19, 2016

Ancient Dread: Entering the Volcano


Entering the tunnel, we note that it’s heavily carved in ancient Dwarven runes. The skeleton, a human by all accounts, was caved in from behind about a month ago according to Ackdor’s tracking skills. A fell voice boomed out to us from beyond although we couldn’t understand it. We chose to move forward. This was a mistake as when Ackdor, our point, crossed the line of the passageway, 4 huge golems began moving towards us. While we managed to deflect their initial blows, our own attacks seemed to just bounce off them.

Rod saved us all by calling on Kym-Nark-Mar. Unknown circles inscribed themselves into the ground underneath the golems. They began to crumble, cracking open and falling to the ground. It was then that Kym Nark Mar revealed himself to me. He told me that a mad mage is attempting to create a rune armed army so that he can awaken the Old Ones and defeat them once and for all. This mage has been hidden from the sight of the gods and they are looking for him. Our quest is to find him.

The circles, according to Rod and Echo, are two previously unknown/forgotten ones. Dispel Gargoyles and Dispel Gurgoyles.

The floor, upon further examination, is covered w/ powdered/crunched up bone. Echo, upon investigating the amphitheater, again receives the fell voice. The large doors west are too hot to touch. The Northern room is filled w/ partially crushed bodies. Both are filled with Dwarven weapons. We stock up and move down to the lower level.

There we discover numerous ancient apartments filled w/ coins and jewels. We pick up a few of the choicest items, noting the rest for later. Another room, a worship room of some sort of forgotten, evil Dwarven cult, stands in the center. On the altar lay a sword which called to Rod for help. Mentally drawing the sword to her, four of the statues, the largest we’ve seen, came to life. Game on.

The battle was vicious. Melina seemed ineffectual against the creatures. Although I was able to deflect most of the blows, I was glad that I had spent much gold enhancing my armor. The others were not as lucky with absorbing the onslaught but they were more effective in destroying these super golems. Echo’s lightning blasts proved especially effective, blasting limbs and felling several of them. Rod flew through the air striking the golems and healing the worst off of the party. King and Ackdor fought like berserkers until all were down. It is time to rest for a bit and recover before we move on.

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