Friday, November 4, 2016

Ancient Dread: Assault on L'Huath


Upon return from Yetu’s domicile, we were greeted with much rejoicing by the Ma’Lwai’Yu villagers. Yetu’s daughter was returned and a grand celebration was held. Negotiations with Chief Ya’Tairda and Captain Macintosh proceeded in order for us to journey to the island of L’Huath, home of the evil Katuade tribe.

We decided that travel up the river delta towards the volcano would be the best option and the chief provided us with the use of one of his boats and food in exchange for the pillage of at least one small village from their enemies. Getting the crew proved to be more negotiations. Four sailors from the Virtuous Maiden joined us for some extra pay. From the tribe, 4 young bucks, eager to make a name for themselves, agreed to go just for the adventure and promise of plunder. Several bowmen accepted a quiver of arrows each and a warrior we nicknamed ‘King’ agreed for a Kobold-forged axe. Alta asked to stay behind to recover from the previous sojourn and I left Mug to care for her.

After loading up the food and supplies, leaving the mules in the care of the village, Macintosh towed our craft to the river’s edge and we began the tedious chore of rowing and watches in shifts to watch for the Katuade or hostile fauna. Things were quiet until a trio of large water snakes decided we were what was for supper. Two were quickly dispatched w/ arrows and swords but Echo decided a show of force was needed, vaporizing one w/ a fireball and taking the remainder of her frustrations out on an innocent palm tree. The rest of the crew tread cautiously around her after that while Ackdor strutted with pride. During her watch, Rod Kym Nar alerted me to the presence of a scout hidden along the river bank. Noting his location, an arrow through the gut guaranteed he would never report back.

The following morning, a party from our mutual enemies foolishly attacked our craft, not expecting the barrage of arrows and spells they received in response. In retreat, they led us straight to their village, a perfect opportunity to repay the chief and for our hirelings to earn some stripes/plunder. Their warriors were warned by the hunting party but it did little good. They were unable to stand up to the combined might of spells, arrows, and fighters that assaulted them. Rod, however, did foolishly attack one of their stronger warriors, getting hurt fairly severely in the process. An attempt by their resident warlock to turn the tide was quickly stopped by several arrows to his torso.

After clearing the village, a search revealed much in the way of booty. Steel weapons (dwarven forged if one can believe it!!!) and some primitive armor for our allies. Gold and jewels for the chief. A good haul overall. A statue of Styphen the Black, dark god of the Dragonwright pantheon, was left behind. We don’t need that kind of support. Deciding that the ones who fled were likely heading to get re-enforcements, we returned to the boat and are continuing our way up the river, our spirits much lifted by the success we’ve achieved.

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