Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Stupid Is Strong With This One @SonyaMHarper

It's always entertaining to see a hack politician, one not even elected but 'appointed', file a bill that started digging for 'dumb' but didn't stop until it was offered beef w/ broccoli and stir fried rice. 

That would be the case w/ Sonya Harper (D-IL-6) and her Ammo Serialization bill HB6615.

Some of the traditional highlights.
- licensing of ammo dealers (w/ fees of course)
- State police run registry (more taxes/fees + 1/2 cent / round) of all ammo sold and to whom.
- banning of all non-serialized ammo including brought from out of state.
- reloaders/molders have to develop serialization

- mandates the serial # has to be read on the bullet 'AFTER' firing.
- lots and lots of penalties (of course)

She's getting eaten alive on her FB page.
She represents the Englewood neighborhood in Chicago. One of the most violent places in the country.
More at Bearing Arms

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