Saturday, October 1, 2016

So Who's Lying?

Student in NJ gets into conflict over anti-gun control lesson.

The family:
Kid had approval for assignment by teacher, presented, and got a good grade
Left thumbdrive in library where it was found and turned over to administration.
Admin demands psych exam and kid drops out over it.
Child services show up to house harassing family.

The school:
Teacher never assigned alleged lesson.
Can't talk about it because of privacy laws.
Family is lying.

My question.  If there was never an assignment in the first place, why would he have randomly created a presentation for one?

I'ld like to see more details but I'll admit my personal biases, it being NJ, and some of the inanely stupid things schools have been doing definitely make me lean towards the family being in the right.  

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Angus McThag said...

Personally I think the presumption of innocence is just for citizens and we should just presume guilt on the part of government until they can prove otherwise.

kahr40 said...

The school claims it can't comment because of "privacy laws" then then defends themselves while refusing to provide evidence because of "privacy laws". Bureaucratic BS.

Simple solution: unless the teacher and the boy were the only ones in the classroom, there are witnesses. Of course "privacy laws" probably prevent the4 school form producing them.

The family needs to hire an attorney and sue the bastards.

Thirdpower said...

Angus: I totally agree. Guilty until proven innocent for the Gov't.

Kahr: According to the various articles, that sounds like what they're doing.