Wednesday, October 26, 2016

10yrs/offense X 200 = 5?

Guy buys hundreds of guns, transporting them across state lines,  and knowingly selling to criminals.

 Gets 5 years

Tell me again how we need more gun laws.

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Archer said...

Wait, wait, wait.... He gets 5 years, in New Jersey!?!

The same New Jersey where it's a felony "gun crime" to have a misplaced spent .22 casing in your car if you're not heading from home to the shooting range or back (and good luck proving that)?

The same New Jersey where, per state law, all firearm sales, ownership, possession, and transport are totally illegal, except by very narrow exceptions?

Brian Aitken got 10 years for transporting his own guns to his own home (which should have been one of those aforementioned exceptions). But Sumdood trafficking in 100s of "illegal guns" only gets 5?


Anonymous said...

It's parallel sentencing, vs. serial. Kind of like parallel vs. series resistance, except that the latter wasn't made up by lunatics.
--Tennessee Budd