Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lucas, I am your father

Wow, I still have permissions to post here!

Not sure how much of the old crowd is still around, but I've been rather busy the last couple of years. Still working, opened up a side business and just taking a break from the whole issue.

Having said that, I've been following the case of Jeremy Lucas, the Pastor who won an AR-15 in a raffle so he could destroy it, turning it into artwork. I'm sure the readers here are familiar with the case. He posted on facebook that he gave the rifle to a member of his church for safe-keeping until he could find an artist who could turn it into some non-gun thingy, in violation of Oregon's new "universal" background check law.

I've made a lot of calls and spoken to a lot of cops. I should have an update tomorrow.

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Thirdpower said...

Hey Kave! Long time no see.