Thursday, August 18, 2016

IL Assault Weapon Ban SB2130

Witness Slips Needed
Oppose SB2130
When the Firearm Concealed Carry Act 
(PA98-0063) was passed in 2013, negotiations involved agreed language removing the power of local government to arbitrarily define "assault weapons", and proceed to ban them.  Every city, town, and village was given a 10 day opportunity to enact such bans, if desired, before the 10 day window closed.

This important protection is now being challenged by 
SB2130 FOID - Assault Weapon.  This bill, if passed, would allow an ever growing patchwork of municipal ordinance where firearms can be defined differently from place to place, and banned in some locations while not being banned in others.  The resulting confusion is an invitation to the unnecessary prosecution of citizens known to be law abiding here, but re-labeled as criminals "over there".

This violates not only the protections afforded us under the Second Amendment but, as importantly, the Fourteenth Amendment guaranteeing each of us equal protection under the law.

Illinois' rate of incarceration is already among the highest in the world, by some reports surpassing that of Iran.  This bill must be opposed.
Please file slips opposing this bill now!
Log on to the ILGA DashboardCreate a New Account, or complete the required fields manually:

I. IDENTIFICATION: Enter your personal information. Enter "NA" for the Firm/Business or Agency and Title fields unless you are officially representing an organization.

II. REPRESENTATION: Enter "Myself" unless representing an organization.

III. POSITION: Use the Section III drop down to choose SB2130. Indicate your position by selecting the "Opponent" radio button.

IV. TESTIMONY: Select the "Record of Appearance Only" radio button.

If filing manually, complete the Captcha challenge and agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement.

Then click Create Slip.
SB2130 FOID Assault Weapon - OPPOSE

Witness slips can be tracked 

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