Friday, July 8, 2016

They Don't Live In The Same Reality We Do

The email put out by the Brady Campaign to Exploit Tragedy.

The Header:
Gun Lobby's Vision Becomes Reality
 Nothing unusual there. We've known for years that they have an unparalleled desire to portray firearm advocates as bloodthirsty monsters.  

The body Pt I:
American's hearts are broken once again, after learning that five police officers were killed and several more wounded as they protected the citizens of Dallas, who were gathered in peaceful protest.
There is no possible justification for this type of violence against officers who were protecting and serving their community. And the fact that hate-filled people used the occasion of a peaceful protest to commit such an act of violence is despicable.
Even though no mention that the 'peaceful protest' that the police were 'protecting\ was in fact an anti-police protest, standard boiler plate.

Then it goes completely Baghdad Bob/Goebbels -esque surreal.  These are the next two examples they use of the 'Gun Lobby's Vision' becoming 'Reality':
But Thursday's shooting wasn't the first this week. On Tuesday an armed father of five was shot and killed while pinned to the ground in Baton Rouge. On Wednesday a concealed carry permit holder outside St. Paul was shot to death in his car while retrieving his identification.
What did they leave out?  Why the fact that both of those shootings were by police, the very incidents that the protest was about.
This is the gun lobby's vision of America becoming reality. It's a twisted vision of a nation where every man, woman, and child is armed to the teeth -- and where people solve problems with bullets instead of words.

We must do better. That means engaging in two important and related conversations. One conversation must examine how the gun industry and its political lap dogs have made it too easy for dangerous people to arm the worst side of themselves - their racism, fear, bigotry, anger, and hate. The other must look at how gun violence and racism collide to disproportionately terrorize communities of color.
So two out of three examples are that the police are "solving problems w/ bullets instead of words"?  The police are 'dangerous people' who 'terrorize communities of color'?  Followed by a racist following a violent ideology taking what he believed was revenge?

This is the mentality of the people calling for the Gov't to put people on secret watch lists w/ no due process. These are the people who want firearm owners disarmed.

There is nothing else to call this but a sickness.   

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Robert Fowler said...

Since no children were killed, they are having to make do with cop blood to dance in.