Saturday, June 4, 2016

If Their Case Is So Strong.... Why Lie?

This was from a PBS townhall on 6/2.  Let's go through a few of the statements. 
"At no point have I ever proposed confiscating guns..."

Technically no but he has several times endorsed gun confiscations that occurred in other countries. His administration has supported defacto gun bans at the Supreme Court.  He has also supported bans on arbitrarily defined firearms under the guise of 'Assault weapons', magazines of arbitrary size for all firearms, and prohibiting all private sales.  Hillary has openly stated she's going to do everything in her power to restrict the rights of firearm owners if she is elected. 
"Congress will not allow the CDC to study gun violence...."

 They can study 'gun violence' and always have been able to. As a matter of fact they did as the so called 'ban' was lifted several years ago.  What happened was the CDC, under the Clinton administration, was paying gun control advocates to create 'studies' to push political agendas so Congress restricted money that was used “to advocate or promote gun control”.
 "People who we know who have been on ISIL websites... US Citizens.. We're allowed to put them on the No Fly List but because of the NRA I cannot prohibit those people from buying a gun"

No mention the ACLU also opposes these arbitrary lists that have no oversight nor the fact that the No Fly List and the 'Terrorist Watch List' are two different things.  No Due Process for you.
"The only way we're going to do this is if anything that is proposed isn't looked at as some tyrannical destruction of the 2A."

Except that EVERY proposal has been abused and expanded to do just that.  Just like the 'Common-sense' licensing in Chicago and DC that turned into gun bans, the 'Common-sense' registrations in CA, NJ, and NYC that turned into confiscations, or the NJ and CA 'smart gun' mandates that only allowed people to own one very expensive and completely unreliable handgun. 

These are facts.  They happened. They're not 'NRA Fear-Mongering' or paranoia.  These are the REAL, DOCUMENTED effects of 'gun control' laws.  And THAT is why firearm owners react to nearly every proposal the way we do, because they've shown their cards over and over again. 

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Elizabeth Hanson said...

So true! They know that they can not do an all out gun ban so they are whittling away little by little. Did you see the latest social security disability proposal?