Saturday, May 7, 2016


So another 'journalist' (for lifestyles and entertainment) thinks she is qualified to determine that I should have my property confiscated (Australian style) because of what she reads in the paper. 

So again I, and tens of millions of other firearm owners should be punished for the actions of what are primarily criminals and the mentally disturbed. 

I'm going to guess this writer lives in a nice, security provided apartment/condo complex or a gated community.

 I'm going to guess she's never gone plinking, or hunting, or attended any sort of firearm community (and we are a community) event.

  I'm going to guess she's never interacted w/ the majority of the victims or their families (as the fact that the majority of those '1000 families are also criminals).

I'm going to guess she jumped on the 'racist, anti-cop' bandwagon just like she's jumping on the Aussie style gun confiscation one.  (yep, I was right)

And she never will because 'feelings' are more important than facts or experiences.  She's a journalism major from EIU, the same university where I was accused of plagiarism by a journalism prof.  because the paper, and I quote,, "seemed too well written for a college student". 

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