Monday, May 9, 2016

Chicago on MutherF^%$er's Day

'Mother' is only half the word in Chi-town.  

While Shannon Watts and a couple of out-of-touch 'celebrities' marched across a bridge in New York while surrounded by dozens of armed police, this was what was going on in Chicago:

At least 8 killed across Chicago in bloody Mother's Day weekend
A 58-year-old man who was about to sit down for dinner was among the eight people shot and killed in Chicago this weekend, a bloody three days that also saw 40 people wounded...
No innocent he...
 Police said they did not believe Rivera was the shooter’s intended target. At least one of Rivera’s three sons is a gang member, authorities said.
Despite pleas from area mothers to stop the violence, Mother’s Day weekend provided no reprieve from the mostly gang-related crime that’s plagued Chicago for years.
And how many of those 'mothers' are turning in their baby boys or baby daddies (plural intentional) for dealing drugs, drive-by's, robberies?

When Shannon, Julianne, and Melissa march through Englewood or Back of the Yards w.o police escort, then maybe I'll give them a shred of respect.  

I won't hold my breath for either one happening. 

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