Saturday, November 28, 2015

Chicago Tribune Puts a 'Magic Bullet' to Their Heads and Pulls the Trigger

During Thanksgiving, I spent the holiday w/ my mom and sister's family gorging myself on food and watching the idiots in Chicago wreck holiday decorations downtown.  I also got the pleasure of reading THE stupidest editorial in the Chicago Tribune in some time, written by an " associate professor at John Marshall Law School".  The article is behind a paywall but if you google 'Chicago tribune magic bullet' it comes right up.
Imagine if the first bullet in a cop's chamber were a blank bullet. Would this approach save lives?
What if a police department adopted this approach as standard procedure. Or, better yet, if legislation mandated this requirement for state and local police departments. Would it help save lives?
Police in Britain, Ireland, Norway, Iceland and New Zealand typically do not carry weapons at all when they are patrolling the streets. Surely, crimes in those countries are no less threatening than what we experience in the U.S.
The idea is not to ban guns from the police departments here. Rather, it is to require that the first bullet in the chamber not be a live bullet.
The rest is a near incoherent rant defeding violent criminals and attacking various police. 

What this article proves is that it doesn't take much to be an 'associate professor' at Marshall Law School. 

It also shows that Mr. Acevedo either has absolutely no idea how a gun works and/or wants more police killed in the line of duty. 

I'm sure every gunnie who read the first line immediately thought "WTF?!!, that's the stupidest thing I ever heard".  Beyond the ignorance on function, just imagine Joe Gangbanger when he figures out that he can charge any cop because the first round will just be a 'BANG'. 

This is the state of the media and academia today.

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Bob S. said...

And does the writer not imagine what the response from cops will be ?

Instead of "bang" -- then it would be "click, Bang" - the only difference would be a quarter or half second for the 2nd trigger pull.

Hat Trick said...

@Bob S.- You missed Thirdpower's comment about function. A blank won't cycle a typical semi-auto. The officer would have to manually rack the slide to eject the fired blank case and feed another round from the magazine before he could fire a live round.

This fool's proposal would get a lot of cop's killed

Anonymous said...

Lots of people carry with no round in the chamber. It takes an extra second to chamber a round. I carry that way when I carry a 1911 because I don't trust the hammer to not strike the round in a drop condition. It is VERY unlikely this will result in any increase in officer deaths since there are no officer shootings recorded where one second made a difference.

The empty chamber also used to be a standard carry condition for revolvers so the chamber under the hammer would be empty, but when the trigger is pulled (double action), or the hammer pulled back (single action), a fresh chamber is brought into battery. So, the only "harm" done to the person carrying it is one less round available between reloads.

I'm not saying the idea has any merit or not. Just saying it is a non-issue. Any bad cop who wants to "shoot a black man" will just take the extra second to cock his weapon first, just like he already has to release any retention measures on the holster. Any officer in a life-or-death situation will take the extra second as a matter of training to cock his weapon, just as he already trains to draw his weapon.


Mmmm... a blank as the first round in a cop's chamber... that implies that the blank is not the only round in the chamber. Puzzling... not the thought of a double feed, but that the writer is attempting to apply some technicals to a subject to gain credibility and in the process, proves his stupidity. I love reading left-wing nonsense.

Chas said...

The first round in the criminal's gun will not be a blank, so what kind of ignorant, criminal-sympathizing individual would even be so stupid as to propose such non-starter idiocy as getting cops killed in that way?