Thursday, November 19, 2015

16 Years is a Start

So POS A steals dozens of guns from a collector over the course of  years and exchanges them for drugs to POS B.  POS B then sells the guns (and more drugs) to Chicago gangbangers.  

Now I'm going to guess that the 'Avid Collector' is probably an older guy who picked up any gun he got a fancy to, maybe shot it a few times, then stuck it away in a box or safe, never to be thought of again.  Since they were able to trace the serial #'s, he obviously bought them legally going through all the hoops the People's Soviet puts in front of us.  I'm also going to guess that he had no idea what a POS he was living w/. 

Now according to 'Lost & Stolen' laws, this unnamed individual who followed all the rules should be criminalized as well because he didn't report his guns gone in a 'reasonable' time.  He'll also be the one anti-gun fanatics will blame ("If he hadn't had them, they couldn't be stolen")

A 'Universal Background Check' would have been completely useless as POS A was a prohibited person and both he and POS B were committing crimes already.  Think they would have bothered phoning in their transfers? 

So instead POS B plea bargains down to 16 yrs by admitting guilt to 2 charges instead of hitting him for the dozens he should be up for and life along w/ his buddy. 

He'll be out in 5 and back to his old tricks. 

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