Monday, October 12, 2015

Chicago Gun Crime in Action

So a woman is caught on video firing multiple shots on a busy urban street during an altercation (also a crime)

The police (when they showed up) received no help from people standing around.  They didn't see or hear anything. 

The police weren't there any sooner because all on-duty officers were at a mandated PR 'Outdoor Roll Call'.  Three blocks away.

When they found the woman suspected of doing the shooting, she was charged w/ misdemeanor reckless conduct and released after 8 hrs on bond.

Betting she has no FOID or CCW. 

Betting she has a record already.

Reckless discharge of a firearm is a felony in Illinois. 5 shots.  5 felonies.

But why bother charging her w/ more when they'll just plead it down anyway?

Why bother enforcing the laws on the books when we can call for more laws?

Why bother policing at all when trying to do so will result in no help from the locals and any alleged misstep will result in the officer being vilified in the media?

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1 comment:

Dubya Bee said...

The sad truth is that if they locked up all the felons, there wouldn't be enough taxpayers left to build and maintain the prisons.